Do you ever wish for a clean slate?

Do you ever wish for a clean slate?

The same way that Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments carved into two slabs of stone, these priceless lessons, and values we carry forward so we can navigate through life lessons.

That history serves a PURPOSE, and I wonder why so many individuals say at troublesome times that they wish they could “wipe the slate clean” and over. Erasing the marks on our hearts, mind, and souls can eliminate the good along with the bad. I believe that the memories from life challenges, need to be put into perspective and used for a better purpose.

In this week’s Labour of Love Technique, I discuss ways on how to wipe the slate clean. For this week’s blog post, I have given you the tools needed to get you started to EMPOWERMENT in all life’s POSSIBILITIES.

Labour of Love Technique #15

  1. Get yourself a black/whiteboard or stick two pieces of paper together.
  2. Make three columns entitled EVENT-FEELING-LESSONS.
  3. List as many EVENT(s) that you would want to forget/erase from your life under the first column.
  4. In the second column, write how you felt during that time and why you would never want to feel that way again.
  5. In the last column write down the lesson you brought forward from the past and how you will use this powerful message in the future.
  6. Review and reflect upon your list.
    • How did you feel at the time?
    • Did you come away learning something about yourself?
    • What would you change about how you conduct yourself and the way you communicated with those around you?
  7. If you have learned a valuable lesson, feel free to erase or cross out the event associated with it, and hold onto your current feelings because through lessons learned, you can change your future.
  8. If the last column remains blanks next to the event, I offer you the opportunity to go back to how you felt and revisit the circumstances and try to find the lesson. If you still can’t find it, maybe talk to someone else involved in that encounter or discuss it with someone you trust. The answer can be found, in discovering how you were feeling before and after that event.

My overall message is that we should never wipe our slate clean, as we erase what we need to preserve in allowing for a more enlightened awareness. Don’t erase the past, because it adds another layer to who you are in creating the next story we want to engrave in our life.

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