Work-Life Balance!

Work-Life Balance!

At the forefront of many conversations these days, you will hear more and more high achievers talking about a desire to create a “Work-Life-Balance” in their lives. For some, it means choosing to step away from their present job, accepting a lower salary for more free time while others change their profession altogether to slow down their fast-paced lifestyle in the corporate or business world. Then some feel that it’s not about putting in less time that will tip the scale but rather channeling their energy into something more meaningful to their everyday life. Finding purpose which ultimately helps the balance as work becomes part of who they are and not something they do.

For single parents, there is an added challenge as there is no relief at the end of work. Sometimes alone to allow for life, and by that, I mean your life… not as a mother/father but as an individual. How do you find Work-Life-Balance, when there is only work and then home to kids? Yes, as parents we may feel that our kids are what we live for but as a person, we need LIFE outside of responsibility to our WORK and family. You may be asking yourself now, “How is that an option?”. 

Well, in a storybook world we would have a fairy godmother that would magically appear and grant us three wishes. However, this is real life for many of us, so instead, I will offer three strategies to help you find some personal balance.


GET UP 30 MINUTES EARLY each day and spend alone time before you wake the kids up. You are sacrificing sleep time, but the awake time alone to yourself will energize you more than those 1800 seconds.


CREATE A CO-OP BABYSITTING ROUTINE with another single parent or group of parents. Once a week, the kids go to one home for a group homework session and dinner while the other parent takes their time out to go shopping, go to the gym or go on a date! The following week you rotate. This is a great way for kids to help each other, bond, and even empower older children if there is an age gap. This also saves babysitting money which can be used to buy yourself a much anticipated and well-deserved cocktail!


ASK FOR HELP! This is the hardest one for many, as we often feel as single parents we have to do it on our own as if to prove we are capable. Why is it, at work we often have assistants, staff or teams all working together to get the job done, yet we don’t apply the same strategy at home. Make your kids part of the process of achieving the harmony that allows everyone in the house some free time to enjoy the home. This is a growing opportunity for them to build team-building skills as well. This strategy also includes asking for assistance from other family members outside of your nuclear family, like your parents or siblings.

Work-Life-Balance starts with you choosing to drop some weight, how much, it is all up to you!

Thank you for taking the time to do this exercise, and I hope these weekly exercises are giving you the tools you need to start this New Year empowered to live your life in all its possibilities by your design.

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