I walk through the different avenues of my mind

My heart is pounding with a rhythmic beat of uncertainty

I crave  to know where I belong and how to fit in

Longing for the answers to such questions still eludes me

Like a mirage in the dessert

I see the imagery of where I belong

I want to move towards my paradise

Fear of quicksand holding me back  

How do I want to live my life

I wish to choose joy and purpose

But that, in life seems so far away and so distant

Can I make that journey to where I belong

When I get there will I fit in

I continue down the corridors of the maze in my head

The anticipation of  what I may find around the next corner of my soul searching

A door appears beckoning me to enter into its light

I reach for the knob, turning it with caution.. could this lead me to where I belong

As I push the door slowly

A feeling deep in my soul, starts to awaken

My legs feel strong as I step into a space that familiar

I see a mirror on the wall

There is a voice whispering in my ear

See into the glass and your question will be answered

The reflection of my belonging is there in full glory to gaze upon

Fitting in is about conforming and has no place in my true being

Belonging starts and stops with you

Believing in who you are, will bring you to where you belong

Belonging to your identity and purpose

Belonging  to yourself before anything else

You belong right here right now


I am me and where I belong

Oh how  I wish to find the right path to my destiny

Be who you are and cast out all fears of not BELONGING.

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Cheryl Besner