Happy being single?

Happy being single?

Someone told me that people are happy being single. Are we?

Or do we just say we’re happy because we are afraid or shy about admitting that we wish we had someone in our lives.

If we want someone to be with and for whatever reason, there is no relationship at this moment in our lives; does it mean we are not desirable?

I think putting ourselves out there makes us feel vulnerable. I am reminded of the high school prom.  I pretended I had no real desire to attend the dance. I told myself, “I hate school”, “why spend more time in an activity associated with the bane of my existence” and “the thought of going has no appeal”.  That was my mantra, up until Mr. Teenage Dreamy asked me to the prom.

Those negative thoughts were actually my protection.  I needed to hide behind the security of self, but in fact, it was the insecurity of being rejected.

I think those same fears have existed within me with regards to my attempts to date up until now.  I was wanting a relationship, and yet I was worried about being accepted and being desired.

That wallflower syndrome of high school has reappeared – even though it’s hidden underneath my exterior of  – I am a strong independent woman and I enjoy my life fully and appreciate who I am and the life I have created and I am okay about being single.

Well, I am!    I would just prefer to share my life with someone!

I want to go to the prom!   Don’t you?



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