I Am Alive!

I Am Alive!

I see the universe like a rainbow

Each colour vivid and unique

Signifying hope and a path to my limitless possibilities

Like life, it has a beginning… A birth that continues its upward motion

Arching it’s way up to the infinite sky that leads to our personal pot of gold

I Am Alive

I smell the aroma of earth’s natural perfume

No matter where I walk there is a scent that identifies my surroundings

I take a deep Breathe

Recognizing the pine trees of a forest

The salty crisp cool wind which carries the ocean to me

Or the unmistakable odour of a big city asphalt road

I Am Alive

I hear the music playing in the park as I stroll along its path

the crying of a baby in its carriage the whisper of its mother about to settle on the bench near me saying “it’s ok my darling I will take care of you”.

Off in the distance I notice the barking of a dog as it’s chasing a little boy laughing with glee

It’s Sunday and the church bells are chiming glory be

I Am Alive

I feel the earth beneath my feet

Blades of lush green grass between my toes

With each step I take I stand with more confidence

Safe in knowing I am moving forward to my purpose

I Am Alive

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xo Cheryl

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Cheryl Besner