From Dusk To Dawn!

From Dusk To Dawn!

In the landscape of my mind, off in the far west   

I see a blazing fireball which is the sun

Its power and heat is getting ready to succumb to the chill of the dark night sky

Slowly it is descending

Lowering itself into the horizon

Like a tired head nestling its way into a down pillow

The hour of dusk is near,

The rays of the sun had been surging full strength throughout the day

Giving life to the universe, Energizing my soul

Now I can surrender to the calm of the blue night

The hour of dusk is near

I look for the green flash of light

As the last glimpse of the sun tucks into the distance

Image of the sunset

Like eyelids  fluttering as they close for the slumber

The hour of dusk is near

As the last crest of the sun disappears

I reflect on the day

What did I learn that I will carry through to tomorrow

What will I release into the night

The hour of dusk is here

When I awake tomorrow,  opening my eyes with anticipation

The sun will rise with a fresh new day upon me

Awakened hours filled with adventure, intrigue and endless possibilities,

The choice of how I wish to spend my day is mine to make

The hour of dawn is here… From Dusk to Dawn.

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Cheryl Besner