I Am A Lot Like You!

I Am A Lot Like You!

I am a hopeful romantic

I love deeply

I love to connect with people

I love to connect people

I love to learn from life

I love to take risks 

I love to live my life with passion and meaning

I love to treat every day as an adventure as it keeps me energized

I love to be inquisitive always expanding my vision and beliefs

I love to meet new people because I believe each person brings me a gift  

I love to celebrate all the beauty I find in the world around me

I love to make people smile

I love to laugh and hope it is contagious to those around me

I love to inspire people to reach beyond their grasp

I love to dance through life with grace and ease

I love to practice Metta < loving kindness >

I love to honor my truth and values

I love to always seek my truth 

I love to be compassionate to those around me

I love to respect my boundaries and those of others

I love to love and be loved…which brings me back 

I am a hopeful romantic

I Am A Lot Like You!

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Cheryl Besner