I Am My Creation!

I Am My Creation!

I lay calmly on the green grass staring up into the sun and feel the warmth of its rays beating down on my naked self. I am raw,  exposing my deepest self to the elements that touch my soul.

I give way to the stirring sensation and embrace the rush that is being created within my ore compelling me to awaken my desire.

My second chakra, that of sensuality and creativity is moving to the beat of the imaginary music that is being sung by the nearby birds nestled in the trees in the distant forest.

I think of water that has a life of its own as it moves down a river, tickling down the rocky shoreline or an ocean wave that slowly caresses the sandy beaches as it rolls up to the shore.

Your inner being is like the water, your blood, the red water of your existence providing that constant flow of life and creation.

The heat of the sun, re-energize yourself and let it melt away any negativity and illuminate your divine being.

The forest is the root to your existence so stand strong in your values.

The river runs in one direction, like a path that shows you the way to let yourself flow downstream with peaceful tranquility.

The ocean teaches you the strength of your own power and intuition and as long as you don’t fight it you will be able to ride the tide and land on your island of joy.

You can create anything as you have all the natural power of the universe within you and you are and I am My Creation!

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Cheryl Besner