I Am!

I Am!

Episode 18: Weekly Inspiration


I am one with the universe

I am one with me

I am courageous even in my fear

I am strong even when I feel weak

I am loyal to my convictions

I am of value and value life

I am kind to myself and to others

I am compassionate to all living beings

I am respectful and respected

I am trusting and  trustworthy

I am all the colors of the rainbow

I am authentic and seek my truth

I am unique in my being

I am inquisitive as knowing is growing

I am forever adapting too changes around me

I am embracing life lessons learned daily

I am dancing through my life one step at a time

I am capable of greatness

I am manifesting my true desires

I am walking the walk and talking the talk

I am living my purpose

I am who I want to be

I am living as I Am


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Cheryl Besner