I See Me!

I See Me!

Episode 17: Weekly Inspiration

I close my eyes and take myself back to the fairytale universe  I lived in as a child.

My imagination creating the fantasy world where the magic happened and I was master of my destiny.

There are no dragons here I can not slay, nor mountains I can not climb. There is nothing that stands in my way as I am fearlessly choosing how I want today’s story to begin and end.

I live in a castle of kings and queens and look forward to the day I am old enough to have my own fairytale romance and build a castle of our own.

I am not yet jaded by the challenges of others around me nor have I experienced the pain of loss so I continue to wear my rose colored glasses.

Luckily,  that little child still lives on in all of us.

Imagination gives way to reality but we can keep the rose colored glasses on if we want to see life and ourselves in joyous color.

I see me in the mirror now

I see me as that little child

I see me trusting but not naive as that is what experience has provided

I see me as the loved child loving myself and knowing how to love others

I see me who  has gone through challenges but still smiles daily

I see me standing strong yet still maintain that skip in my step

I see me appreciating rainbows but not chasing them hoping to find gold

I see me independent yet not afraid to ask for support

I see me as I hope others see me.

See me, see all of me as I am me, past, present, and future

I see me




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