Dance Baby Dance!

Dance Baby Dance!

Episode 14: Weekly Inspiration


My heart is dancing to the music of my making

I can feel the thumb of each beat of the base

The melody lulls me into another part of my being

The dance floor of my life is calling

Sometimes the rhythm is slow and gentle, slowly swaying me into a romantic Rumba, sensual… flowing with the heat of passion

In other moments I am jiving to the swag of swing… feeling playful… joyous… energized by its lively pulse.

The music fills my soul, beckoning me to the dance floor of my life

The inner child in me rises, releasing to the moment of surrender without any inhibitions that my adulthood had created.

I will dance like there is no tomorrow and no-one is watching.

Each note I hear brings a deeper surrender to the movement of my surrender.

My body is talking to me… dance my child dance!

Take center stage and be the star you are!

As I swirl and twirl to the beat I think of you.

In seeing you at the edge of your dance floor

Dance with my darling

We step into each others stage of life embracing the symphony of love we share

Our arms gently wrap around each other’s core yet hold each other firmly, I have your back and you have mine.

Two hearts in line

Talking to each other without a word uttered

My body is talking, saying something and you step back with intuition in response.

You respond by taking a step forward and I step back as I hear your unspoken words, my body is listening intently to you

We are connected through the music, through the dance.

I will listen to the music, dance forever and always feeling the beat of the universe within… Dance Baby Dance!



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Cheryl Besner