The Waves Of Life!

The Waves Of Life!

Episode 13: Weekly Inspiration


You are standing in the soft white surf

each wave of the ocean that finds it way home changes the landscape of the sandy beach  

The shores of life that are forever changing  

No two days will ever be the same

Such is The waves of life!


The sound of the soft waves are luring you into submission

Like a Lull-a-bye rocking your inner child,  gently to sleep

The surf rolls up to your foot and wraps around your ankles

Swaddling you like a mother about to cradle you in her loving arms

Such is The waves of life!


The ocean is beckoning you to explore the surf that swirls at your feet

There is a whole life force happening just beyond the first glance.

Small rocks are tossed from the ocean only to tumble back to the water with the tide

The ebb and flow of the universe that pulls and pushes

Such is The waves of life!


The sun glistens on the water like diamonds

The cold blue and green colors of sea vividly intertwined into a natural collage

The white foam of the surf rising up before being absorbed into the sand of time

The cooling of the waters kiss rushing across our aches vs the hot grains of sand under our feet  

Such is The waves of life!


What do you desire as you stand on the water’s edge

The fine line of your transition is in motion

Dry warm sand and the cooling spray of the water splash collide

Feel the option of choice and take a step into your tomorrow

This is The wave of your life!



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Cheryl Besner