My Magic Forest!

My Magic Forest!

Episode 10: Weekly Inspiration 


Come step beyond the green grass of the meadows

Into the magic of my shadows

Hear the music of the wind that blows through the branches of my trees

Trees that are standing tall at attention protecting all the creatures that live in my kingdom

As you peek through the surrounding bushes let your eyes focus, as they witness the natural beauty of nature coming to life.

Don’t be afraid to walk deeper into my mystical universe

You are safe here with me.

See the sun that cuts through the darkness

Shining light onto the glittering rocks that you may want to sit on to rest.

The emerald colored moss feels like a sponge under your feet and will provide you with a soft cushion to lay on if  you need to sleep

Do you see the river that is flowing, cool clean water that you can drink if you are thirsty? Water must flow for you to exist.

Follow my path that has been made by many that have come before you.

Listen to the music of the birds chirping,  a symphony calling you to continue walking

up the path which will lead you up the mountain to my summit.

The view of the forests below takes your breath away

This is your life, your adventurous spirit  brought you to My Magic Forest

Let the magic of the universe into your heart

as you stand on The mountain peak which is my heart.



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