Pillow Talk with Cheryl – Your Sky Has No Limits!

Pillow Talk with Cheryl – Your Sky Has No Limits!

Episode 7: Weekly Inspiration 


We sit in silence…..reflecting on who we are….what did I do today and what will I do tomorrow.  Curious to know what awaits the awakening of a new day when the sun comes up.


Tonight …. imagine the dark sky is a canvas only you can paint ….all the different shades of black…blue….maybe hues of grey ….the endless night …. Its magical in its beauty…and maybe you can see the stars…In all different shapes….. some shine brighter than the others….yet all glitter with life.


Now Imagine yourself as a shooting star….moving fast and furious throughout the galaxies …..a comet … lightening speed propelling you towards the sun…moving you closer and closer to your tomorrow.


There are no clouds in the sky…you see clearly through all the infinite space that surrounds you…..what does that feel like …are you feeling freedom and clarity.


The universe has no limits for you….as you sit here …without boundaries…without the interference of the world beneath you….what do you see? How far do you want to travel and for how long? Only you can decide how vast you want your sky to be.


You are limitless in time and in space…How dark and  How cool is the night… How bright and How warm your days…. You can choose to create your own universe


You are the ever-present star of your own sky that has no limits.


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Cheryl Besner