Solo In The City Radio (June13): Speed and Dating

Welcome back to Solo in the City, your guide to getting out and finding love. In this episode we hit the streets to record live from La Societe and talk about how fast is too fast when it comes to new relationships. Joining us first on the panel to kick off our discussion on speed and dating is Natacha Noel (, matchmaker from Absolute Bachelor Club ( We are joined by Anne-lovely (@Anne_Lovely_E) lifestyle journalist for the Journal de Montreal and Dr. Laurie Betito from Passions on CJAD800 ( to chat about the speed limit on the dating highway. As usual we will talk about our KISS calendar and are joined by Jess Salomon ( to do street beats live on location. With all our guests warmed up on the panel, we end the night with overtime bonus content. Have a great day, and don’t forget to KISS, keep it simply social. xo Cheryl


Ramona Meghdadi


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