Tantra: Like bees to honey

Tantra…Say the word. It even sounds sexy when you say it!

And people have all kinds of different definitions of what they assume it means (hilarious definitions if you hear Jess Salomon’s “Love Beats on the Street” on Saturday’s show). A common misconception from what I have heard on the street is that most think that it’s a weird sexual practice for sex maniacs, or that the main objective is to achieve the Almighty O! Not so!

Actually , if we break “Tantra” down, the two syllables  simply mean expand (tan, short for “thanoti” in Sanskrit) and liberate (tra, short for “trayate”), which is exactly what this practice is meant to help individuals do. Free themselves completely to heighten their senses with a partner.

The goal is to learn the techniques that will help prolong intimacy.

Release yourself and connect with your partner, as that connection is what will ignite  the ultimate bond  between lovers.

Like bees to honey, here are four basic elements of tantra for beginners:

B. Breath in as your partner exhales, like sharing the same air in a rotation.
E. Eye contact: Look into your partners soul and see their desire.
E. Environment, soft music and lights, smooth textures, think sensual and distraction-free.
S. Slowly savour to prolong the intimacy as it will heighten the intensity of the orgasm.

The wait will be worth it…you will be left wanting more….

For more information on Tanatra, check out guru Frank of Monde Osé.

And listen Saturday night at 10pm as Solo in the City welcomes Frank and our favourite sexpert, Dr. Laurie Betito of CJAD 800’s Passion!


Cheryl Besner

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