VIDEO: Thoughts on Tinder from bartenders

VIDEO: Thoughts on Tinder from bartenders
[pullquote cite=”Erin, Black Rabbit Bar” type=”left”]”There’s nothing really you can do except sit back and enjoy the show.”[/pullquote]Still sharing with the bartenders? How cliche…

Broken hearts and fallen dreams…where to go? To the bar, of course, to drown your sorrows near a sympathetic ear. The total stranger on the other side of the counter. Or is that only for the movies?

How the world has changed…

Bartenders now have new entertainment for themselves: Betting on “tinderella” encounters!

In NYC, for instance, The Daily Share released this video of mixologists talking about awkward first dates, and those that are obviously stemming from Tinder.

Talk about the perfect cocktail? Or not!

Here is what they had to say….

– Cheryl xo


Cheryl Besner

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