Get the names straight!

Get the names straight!

OMG…imagine this…

As you all know I am presently on a couple of online dating site and have adopted a mode of operation due to writing this blog that I do not deviate from. I decided out of respect, to not enter into conversation with any man who contacts me until they log onto this site and get an idea of what I am about. Honest and open from the start is the best rule of thumb.

The nature of this website may cause some reservation with certain individuals, causing them to retreat which has to that be their option from the get go. Otherwise , I am no different from the woman who lies about her age, marital status or appearance.

No Pinocchio here!

Imagine the following scenario… after asking a man on to check out my sight I get a response with a long verbose letter of appreciation and anticipation. Sounds great right? You would think wow… man of action, who knows what he wants and goes for it. Confident, secure and seemingly attentive as he responded promptly… right? Wrong!!!

His response started as follows: Dear Rachel, – What’s wrong with this picture? Back to cyberspace he went!

Share your Cyberspace horror stories with me.




Cheryl Besner

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