Pinocchio goes Online

Pinocchio goes Online


Pinocchio goes online
During a recent dinner party  a male friend who follows my journey to find love, told me the story of a date he set up with a woman he had met on . She seemed to possess the  many attributes he admired in a woman, and she came all wrapped up in a cute petite package according to her online profile.
After weeks of communication,  a meeting was finally  arranged.  Full of anticipation, he walked into the restaurant right on time,  scanning the area for the woman whose photo he had been looking at for weeks. Well, she was all that he had hoped for and more…according to Mr K …100 lbs more.
His reaction?
He walked straight up to her and said “you lied ” with a pointed finger, turned around and walked right out the door.
I thought his reaction was a bit harsh, but I did get his point, and so did the other dinner guests.
When you go onto an online dating, site what’s the point of  profiles?
I thought we are supposed to fill out all the personal information truthfully, so that a potential suitor knows enough about who we are, what we like and how we look to be able to make a decision about whether he/she could be attracted to us in the first place and then after that arrange a  face to face meeting.
What positive outcome could be had by misconstruing the truths about ourselves?
If the ultimate goal to going online is to meet and fall in love, and the basic elements of any good relationship are trust and respect, why start with a lie?
 It’s all gonna come out in the end…no?
My advice…remember Pinocchio! All Ghipetto  ever wanted was a real boy!
Once Pinocchio’s lies stopped ……the two  lived happily ever after.
Have you had a similar experience? Tell me about it in love stories.
Coming soon to 365…..a company that can help you write your profile. Wish I had known about it in February.



Cheryl Besner

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