Bathing Beauty Bachelorettes

Bathing Beauty Bachelorettes


“What was I thinking?” was all I thought when I pulled up to the Nikki Beach Club in South Beach, Florida.

I was meeting “Le Parisien” for our first date there.  He’s the man I had met at the vernissage in Montreal not too long ago.

As I stepped out of my car, the first thing I saw was handsome men and beautiful women wearing micro mini-bikinis.


I walked in with my gentleman friend, my head going “honey, you’re not 25 anymore!” My dyslexic dating age once again became apparently obvious and there is no denying that things have changed with time.

But the truth is, I felt good about myself. I was completely comfortable with the differences between myself and the youthful beauty that surrounded me and I appreciated even more where I am at this stage of life.  I have the confidence that maturing brings and I know that real beauty shines from within.

My more experienced mind makes up for the collagen I have lost.

Cover-up off, suntan lotion on and “Garçon, please bring on the mojitos!” as Nikki Beach makes them better than anyone. Let the party begin.

I had a great bikini day and encourage everyone to go to the beach…anytime!

We met a lot of fabulous people on Nikki Beach, including my new BFF’s – “Les girls” Caitlin, Natalia  and Layssa, yes, 2 Brazilians!


Hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

Would you go to a beach party on a first date? A mature decision or just crazy?





Cheryl Besner

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