The Sky Is The Limit!

The Sky Is The Limit!

The sky is the Limit, where ever life may take you whether you are at your prime or your peak there is nothing that can stop you from climb the highest mountain.

We all go through 7 stages in our life:

  • Infancy: Where we are now starting to grasp at the way things work.
  • Pre-teen: Where we start to push our limits.
  • Teenager: Where nothing can stop us and we feel invincible.
  • Young adult: When we start to conform to society.
  • Middle age: We are settled in our ways, maybe too comfortable to make a change in our life. But this is when we have to remember, it is not too late to make those changes.
  • Feisty (older): Our mines are set in our ways but here is also where we should continue on the path to the Sky has no Limit. Travel, see the world #FindYourJoy.
  • Our Final stage in life, where there are no regrets, and we have lived life to the fullest.

Don’t wait to see the world, reach for the top because today is a new day and the Sky Is The Limit.

Cheryl Besner – The LifeStylist

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