The Language of Love!

The Language of Love!

This week’s Labour of Love Technique #24, The Language of Love and how we interpret it.

I hear the same stories from so many lovers, in there

claims/interpretations on how they feel that their special someone doesn’t listen or hear what they are saying. 

In the language of love, what are you saying, what are you asking for, and what are you feeling? 

Here is the problem, just because we both speak the same language – ENGLISH, FRENCH, ITALIAN or GERMAN.  There is a difference, in how we translate/express our feels towards each other. In the language of love, it doesn’t mean we speak the same language.

What is the first thing people learn when learning a foreign language how to swear and to say…

I Love You

Je T’aime

Ti Amo

Ich Liebe Dich

You are probably wondering how can we communicate better to break down those barriers in the language of love, and Dr. Gary Chapman studied the psychology of communication has developed a methodology to help us communicate better with those we love.

Take the test today:

Through my research I have discovered the 5 languages:

l. Words of affirmation – “Thanks for…”

2. Gifts – “He was thinking about me, look what he got for me.”

3. Acts of service/kindness – “there was a snowstorm and I came out to find my car is cleaned off.”

4. Quality time – “We spent the whole night eating and laughing .”

5. Physical touch – “I didn’t have to ask, and he started to rub my feet after a long day at work'”

It’s not what you say but how the other person translates what you said and vice versa. example:

Honey, I can’t make it for dinner tonight, because I’m going out with my coworkers. This can be translated that you are not valued but in actuallity, he/she is working for a better life for the two of you which means from time to time he/she has to socialize with his coworkers.

The language love and it’s translations: It’s not that you aren’t listening or speaking “English” it’s that we hear things differently, and that were the language of love is lost in translation.

Ask yourself: Why keep your partner guessing?

  • Let them know your language and you learn theirs.

To hear more about The Language of Love and how we translate it, click below and watch my Labour of Love Technique #24.

Labour of Love Technique #24

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