What Does It Mean?

What Does It Mean?

In Life, we are always told to look both ways before we cross the road in not realizing the significance of this teaching that would be our guide through life. As a child, it was said to us to make sure that we didn’t run across the road to get hit by a car. A dime a dozen… An arm and a leg… Back to square one… Many saying we have all heard throughout the years and have never given much thought to. Haven’t you ever wonder, where these sayings come from and why are they universal? Maybe it can be associated with hieroglyphics, etched into our brains with different symbolism and logic in how we translate it.

For instance, Look both ways before you cross the road:
Translation – If you only look in one direction all doors may appear closed but if you expand the scope and look both ways more doors will appear to be open.

This is definitely something that can be explored furether but for now “all in good time”. Think about with the many saying and I would love to hear what they mean to you.

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