Be Your Own Cheerleader!

Be Your Own Cheerleader!

Imagine yourself being a marathon runner, feeling the hard road under your feet. The heat from the morning sun keeping your muscles warm and agile while mentally exhausted, you are staying focused to finish the race. You are approaching the 35-mile marker, which is often the point where the mind starts to wander and you have no more strength, and the cheerleaders on the sidelines start cheering you on. The cries of encouragement are energizing, and invigorating, and your focus is regained. Your eyes are on the prize as the finish line draws near!

Your child is practicing for their first school recital and you are still and listening attentively with a supportive kind smile. As your little angel finishes and takes their final bow, you give them a standing ovation, wildly clapping while yelling bravo. They are the star and you are the cheerleader, allowing them to shine bright for all to see.

Cheerleaders for professional sports teams are not just there for audience entertainment but to play two very important roles within the course of the game. 

– The first is the obvious, celebratory dance when a goal has been achieved.

– Secondly, is the dance of hope and encouragement, the rah chants of “GO TEAM GO” that revitalizes the winning spirit.

It is so fulfilling to be the cheerleader for others, yet so many individuals find it difficult to be it for ourselves, their champion cheerleader for success. The question is why can we not encourage and support ourselves as we do for others?

The answer is simple… emotional distance and separation.

When we are personally implicated, we often can not separate our feelings from the facts or see the difference between the story we’ve created and the actual events or challenges we face.

To succeed and be a champion, I invite you to try my cheerleading method. If you have a recording device use it for #3 & #4.

  1. Write down whatever issue is bothering you and ramble on as much as you want with every annoying, challenging, and frustrating detail. Imagine yourself ranting to your best friend and just lay it all out, repeating yourself over, and over again.
  2. Put away that “story” for a few hours or even a couple of days. Give yourself some distance from the emotion by doing something to distract yourself mentally and physically. 
  3. Go back to it and reread what you wrote out loud as if it’s your friend talking to you, explaining a situation that she wants your advice on. While you read the details ask yourself, what are facts, what is real and what is the emotion?
  4. Now give the advice and support you would give to that friend, unemotionally yet with compassion.
  5. Be that cheerleader! 
  6. Hug yourself!

The crowd is going wild and you are now your champion cheerleader! 


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