The Dance of Love!

The Dance of Love!

Concurring online dating…

Turn the computer on….Check!

Sign in to Matcheharmony / Zoosk / iDates / Elites Singles

Now, here goes… You ask yourself why are my fingers frozen on the keyboard, and my eyes staring blankly at the site’s blue and white home page???

Break down that “Brand Name” and it depicts where your life is at this moment… In your quest to finding a person that would be a good match for you, using the .com / .ca  world to expand beyond the community that you know.

Step one: Go onto your preferred dating site and create your tag name. You are already stumped… No stress, you have the time to try and be witty, but you already breaking into a sweat. Breath, move on and save for later.

Step two: Upload a picture… Complete panic! How the heck do you do that and from what file? Documents, desktop other? … You already completely lost. Call a friend? Can’t, its 2 am.  But isn’t this what every single fundamentally female does in the middle of the night?

Step three: Fill in my height, eye colour, etc… finally getting the hang of it.

Navigating the dating world.

What to expect

Question #1: They want to know your political views. Really? Isn’t that considered bad dinner conversation on a first date?

Question #2: Your horoscope sign and you ask really? don’t despair all info is relevant. 

Question #3: Proximity to where you live…  Dating someone who is out of town? Our dating under a microscope?

Question #4: Now profile info… describe yourself in 100 words or less… time for a drink! This brings me back to the beginning!

Step one: tag name – Vodkacoctail

You couldn’t refresh the incorrect spelling of your application – so instead of having the correct spelling, your sign-in is vodkacoctail… Chalk up that lost K to your lack of Komputer savvy!

Note to self… Embarking in a whole new cyber dating universe – you think to yourself, “I’ve got to get back to the Apple store tomorrow for a skills re-tweak …. and call Tony Mancuso for lessons.” Hang in there and don’t despair, you have opened the dance floor to love. Where you stop no one know but when the music is no more two heart will be align.

Have you started your search for love online? What are you waiting for?

If you have any relationship or dating questions I am here to support you 24/7 at 844-744-SOLO (7656).

Keep Dancing Through Life With Grace And Ease,


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Cheryl Besner