Dream Weaver!

Dream Weaver!

I am the master of my destiny

My dreams of yesterday

My efforts of today

My achievements of tomorrow

The child that played in the park

Carefree and without expectations still dwells in my soul

I summon that spirit to my present being

Not afraid to take the risks

They will bring me to my dream existence

I remember the colours of my dreams

Like a rainbow that glittered in the distance

Each colour unique and beautiful in its individuality

Highlighting each other

Together they became a masterpiece

I keep dreaming the same dream as it is my life desire

Like a spider

The dreamer in me weaves a complex web

The more threads I spin

The stronger my resolve

My core is expanding

Like wings of silk across the universe

My dream catcher is alive in me

I give life to my dreams and they give me life and give me hope

That is the life I wish for

A life of distinction

Drawing on my strength

Nurturing those part of me yet to reach their full potential

Not afraid to see the dark

With the night comes my dreams of all my potential

My individuality as a being

Like a rainbow, my purpose should shine glory onto those that are part of their magical archway

We should all reach for the sky as one yet as one

And as in our dreams

Find our pot of gold

That is the dream and I am my Dream Weaver.

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xo Cheryl

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