Another Precious Day Of Choice!

Another Precious Day Of Choice!

I awake in the morning, my eyes flutter slowly to open

Focusing on the light the peaks through the cracks of my inner sanctum

A hint of the day to come is cast upon my walls

I can see the trace of brightness signifying that sunshine awaits my awakened being

Another precious day of choice

Laying there silently, listening for the sounds of the day

I take a deep breathe of appreciation for a gift of another dawn

A day to live my purpose with joy and kindness to all

Or tackle the challenges that may lay ahead with compassion for myself Another precious day of choice
I call to my big beautiful heart to feel the day

Every emotion that can touch my divine soul beats through my veins

I rely on my head to guide me with its wisdom

Summing the lessons learned from my yesterdays, the experience is my teacher

Another precious day of choice

My body is stiff as I stand to start my day

I lift my arms to the imaginary sky to embrace the morning of opportunity

My mind, body, and soul, stretching every fibre of my being open, flexible to the possibilities

A reminder that each day is life and should not be taken for granted alternatively lived purposely

Another precious day of choice

This precious day

A day that you can never get back

A day that has no redos, no edits not a dress rehearsal

Ask yourself

Another precious day of choice

How will I make my day more purposeful?

How will I reflect upon the authenticity of the choices I have made?

How will I feel as I lay back down tonight to slumber about my accomplishments?

How can I serve myself better when I awake tomorrow?

Another precious day of choice

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xo Cheryl

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