Field Of Dreams!

Field Of Dreams!

Episode 12: Weekly Inspiration 


I lay on the plush carpet of the soft green grass in the meadows of my being

The sun beating down on my quiet body.

The warmth of its rays, like an invisible blanket

Nurturing me with all its natural resource.

I soak up all its energy, I feel revitalized

Oh, how I can rest here forever.

The blades of the grass tickling my playfulness

I feel the stress of the outside world melting away

the negative energy dripping down,

Seeping into the soil that breaths life into the blades of the grass

that is the cushion of my slumber.

A bed of comfort that tells me I am safe, connected to the earth in all its splendor

In my subconscious, I can see the field of green that extends beyond the horizon

Beckoning me to follow its path into the field of my dreams.

The meadow is so vast I can not decipher the imaginary boundaries of space

nor deny its beauty.

Much like the endless possibilities of my own purpose

I take a deep breath and I can smell the newly cut grass

Which reminds me of the freshness I wish to wake up to each day.

Every day starts with a new bright dawn filled with choices.

My choice to manifest my dream from the night before and live my purpose

Every day I can go to the same place, take that deep breath, and

calmly call on my dreams and my inner light,

I have taken from the sun.

The earth is supporting my journey into the field of my dreams

and I am choosing to make them come to life.

My Field Of Dreams is leading me down a path to my garden of life.

I will tiptoe though there tulips, pick the daisies, blow on the dandelions,

along the way until I reach my bed of roses.


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Cheryl Besner