Pillow Talk with Cheryl – My Butterfly

Pillow Talk with Cheryl – My Butterfly

Episode 5: Weekly Inspiration 


Imagine yourself in a cocoon, warm, inviting, safety in the silky layers wrapped around you.

You can see the light which beckons you to become the butterfly within.

The light calls for you to break through the fibers of your transformation.

The metamorphosis is complete… You have become the butterfly that was within you.

You are ready to fly. Your wings expand, shedding the protective shell is shedding.

As you emerge, embrace the warmth of the sun, feel the tingling of the breeze that’s kissing your wings. Expand your wings embracing the elements of possibilities.

Let yourself release to the wind which is calling you… Fly my beautiful butterfly fly.

Take flight … Celebrate the beauty of your grace and uniqueness.

No two butterflies are exactly the same.

The sun, hitting your wings creates the colors, intensifies the depth of your magnificence. What colors do you see? Red, the color of grounding. Yellow the color of sensuality and creation or do shades of blue appear, a reminder that you are authentic and true. Admire the glory of your colorful wings.

You are free to choose where you want to go and what color you want your wings to be… You just have to fly. Fly high in the sky, over rainbows, through dew covered forests, across bodies of water where you see your beautiful reflection. Take your flight to see new horizons, making the choice to experience life as you imagine all your potential. Can you still feel the sun and the wind?


Do you want to rest on a moss-covered log in the woods or pause on the tiny nose of a playful child? Your journey is yours to discover now.

Don’t let anybody clip your wings. Nobody needs to try and control the butterfly for the fear of losing you as the butterfly is loyal and will always go back to the same shoulder. It is home.

You are home within and your wings are the extension of you.

The butterfly…. This butterfly always lands in the same place… butterflies always come home.


Take a breath land somewhere soft yet feel secure. Feel empowered by your transformation. Once in a cocoon, you are now free to take those beautiful wings and fly. Always knowing where to land.

Butterflies are Free. You are free. Be free. Be you.


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