Pillow Talk with Cheryl – Be The Wind

Pillow Talk with Cheryl – Be The Wind

Episode 4: Weekly Inspiration 


Feel the stillness in the air that’s around you right now… Calm soothing there is no place to go… except inward. Feel the air… Is it warming your soul inviting you to stay in peace or do you feel it is chilling with anticipation of your tomorrows.

Imagine Your skin feels a slight breeze that tingles your externally or a great gust that shivers you from head to toe. The still air becomes a wind and that wind is determining your destination.

Outside forces can move you around… like an October breeze tossing falling leaves without direction or it can keep you still like a boat whose sail has collapsed with the dying wind.

Your journey is in the control of the elements around but instead, you are determining the path. Are you ready to surrender to the wind, giving it the power to determine your journey?

We often talk of the wind beneath our wings. Outside forces causing us to Soar Higher, Faster, Stronger, Propelling us forward. That wind Beneath our wings.


But what if you claim that wind and bring it inward. Own it… Find the wind within yourself and let it be YOUR force. No more letting outside forces pushes you in different directions. You are truly in control of your journey with a clear focused destination.  

No matter which way or how hard the wind blows you, you can stay steadfast on your path. YOU are the wind, from the inside out… You know the way to your next landing and will use Your own air… Your own Strength to get there. You alone can propel you forward… That wind inside of us all is what has to be awakened and claimed. Take the wind from outside and bringing it inside. YOUR wind will grow stronger, faster from inside out. We will gracefully soar higher…  We can control it. We can decide when we want to move or when we want to rest.


The wind has to exist and hit the sail for the boat to move forward. But if that wind, that sail was already ours. We would cut through the cool blue waves of any ocean without a care in the world. If the wind was no longer beneath our wings but inside  We would soar through the air Because we are the master of our own energy. Our own wind. Our thoughts. Our own desires.


The wind… That powerful all mighty wind within… Swirls and grows… You can decide if today you will be a soft summer breeze that just kisses you, energy to be peaceful and calm or muster up the force and strength of a hurricane. Maybe you let your air become a tornado that spirals through your present moment with its only intent to gather up and carry away within; it is a cyclone of all the negative things you no longer want in your path of life. Again, we can control the wind… It’s ours… It’s yours stemming from inside…Your air.

Make that tornado work for you… Make the calm of the soft summer breeze work for you… Make the crisp fall wind work for you!

You control the elements. You control your flight. You control your sail. Take that with you. Put it inside you. You are the master.  Of your own wind. You are the wind. Not beneath your wings. You are the wind. Within. Owning your wind. You decide the journey. How fast how slow. Which direction you want to go in. When you want to stop. And rest. Take flight NOWBE YOUR WIND.  


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