Pillow Talk with Cheryl – The Fire Of My Desire!

Pillow Talk with Cheryl – The Fire Of My Desire!

Episode3: Weekly Inspiration 


I see the embers flickering

The fire that lives within me Is still ready to burn  

Igniting every ounce of my being with purposeful flashes

There is no limit to my light and the heat that I can summon from within

I hold a torch in my hand

I will stoke my fire till the flames dance with passion… like a tango

I see the colors of my soul

Scarlet red  that grounds me to the earth

Golden yellow allows me to explore my sensuality and flow like honey and shades of orange yield to my power  

I will not be green with envy but instead will give way to love

Blue sparks dazzle… like fireflies swirling in the dark night… hypnotic… energizing… my constant reminder that I must speak my truth as to who I am…  what are my needs… a breath of air blows softly… to caress my flame at its core… to rise up in a blaze of bliss

I can see through the purple haze a clear vision… the intuition of how my love will be

I release to the universe to guide me

I feel my desire

I long for my fire to burn strong

I will not surrender my lust for life allowing it to turn to ash

I am bursting with light

I will share all of who I am with you

Come sit by my side

Can you feel my heat

See the beauty of my dancing flames

Listen to the sounds my warm beating heart

I will forever embrace the fire of my desire….. with love.

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Cheryl Besner