Date safe: Tips on how to stay out of harm’s way

Dating is supposed to be fun, romantic and stimulating. But how can we make sure to play safe?

When my friends and I were younger, our potential suitors picked us up at home and subsequently were put through an interrogation by our parents. This was followed by a rough handshake, intended to intimidate the boy, while the mother ran off to the front door, taking down his license plate.   It’s up to each of us to date smart and I hope my ABC checklist can help!

ASK questions: I start by finding out as much about the person as possible, by asking questions and the doing some research. Google can be your best friend.

BUDDY system: I always tell a trusted friend who I am going out with and where we are meeting.

CONDOMS: No explanation needed — no EXCEPTIONS! EVER! No glove, no love.

DRINKING: I keep it to a minimum and make sure it’s not too far from home. Be careful to NEVER leave your drink unattended.

EYES and ears open:  I stay alert and very in the moment. If the hair on the back of my neck goes up for any reason, I activate the buddy system and get an emergency call from “home” and head for the…

FRONT door!  If someone is making you uncomfortable, politely get up and leave! No one is under any obligation to finish a bad date.

GOOD instincts: I have them, as do you. We all need to listen to them and trust our intuition.

HAPPY safe dating to us all!   Do you have any safety tips or stories you would like to share?   Write to me so we can all be on this journey together:

Information on new, modern methods of dating safely is the subject for this week’s edition of Solo in the City Radio on CJAD 800 as we’ll get the scoop on an app called MateSafe!

– Cheryl xo


Cheryl Besner