Dating Events & Adventures


On a recent trip to LA, I had the good fortune of meeting Mark Owen, president of Events and Adventures.

One night at Berri’s café, while sharing a delicious pizza and sparkling water- (yes, I somehow managed to find the only dry bar in LA, can you believe it?), Mark told me about his dating company and its concept, which is quite unique.

Events and Adventures believes that “having a great social life and meeting amazing people to date is all about being in the same place at the same time doing something fun together”.

The company’s philosophy is all about individuals getting out there and doing fun activities together in a casual setting, with no pressure nor awkward first encounters. Doesn’t that sound a lot better than sitting in front of your computer, window-shopping through inert profiles?

Experiences include dynamic events such as horseback riding, hot air ballooning, scuba diving and even travel packages abroad with other members of Events and Adventures.

When you relax and have fun – that’s when you are the most attractive to other people.


Mark and his experienced team provide all the ingredients for a perfect date- all you have to do is choose your passion and sign up- the rest is left up to cupid.




Cheryl Besner