Season of Love!

Season of Love!

Like the season’s life has a cycle of evolution

A unique distinctive landscape emerges before our eyes

Different from the past and the future

Each passing day brings a new vision of potential

The elements that surround us contribute to the cold challenges that lay ahead

Or provide the warmth of a safe moment to embrace our accomplishments

Therein lies the beauty

The Season of Love.

We plant a seed and watch it grow

Strong roots firmly planted in the ground

Nurture and nature

Sunshine and water

An equal balance of all the elements

The buried bulb blossoms into a beautiful flower

Therein lies the beauty

The Season of Love.

The air grows cold and the skies go darker earlier

Day turns into night faster

We seek the shelter of our familiar cave

Fire is our desire, the embrace of another can stoke our internal flame

We are prepared for our hibernation

Taking stock before the storm was our saviour

Therein lies the beauty

The Season of Love.

Like a garden, spring can bring the excitement of fresh bloom and as a relationship, there are many varieties of flowers to behold.

Are you attracted to the tulip who’s simplistic beauty can only be appreciated for a certain amount of time, like a rainbow that vanishes with the dew?

Does the hardy robust nature of the rose bush that grows stronger under the summer sun become part of your garden of love, lasting season after season?

Are you looking to tiptoe through the spring showers of dating or do you want to bask in the summer heat of a committed relationship?

Does the crisp air and the colours of fall leaves inspire you to take a risk and grow with change?

Is curling up with your beloved wrapped in a cosy blanket in front of a raging fire, watching the snow fall outside your window call to you?

This is your season of choice

Therein lies the beauty

The Season of Love.

With each season comes change

With each season comes beauty

With each season comes potential

With each season comes growth

With each season comes choice

Live it

Love it

Dance  it

Embrace it

It is The Season of Love.

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