The Dance Of Love!

The Dance Of Love!

I am twirling and swaying to the soft rhythmic beat of the music alone on the dance floor

A romantic rumba playing in my soul is aching for you to be near

I feel your presence even before I can see you slowly emerging into  the shimmering lights

Your hand reaches out to mine and we connect

Together we enter into the dance of love

Your arms wrap around my waist

Pulling me into a conversation that says “you are my desire”

My hands move to caress your face and without uttering a word you know  my response is “I am here with you”

The dance of love, communication that needs not be spoken

Two bodies that know when to take a step forward while the other steps back

Interconnected and entwined while breathing in the solo dancer spirit of each other

We can let our bodies talk to each other

The rhythm is pulsing through our hearts

We can take long slow strides or shorter quick steps

Our combined energy is the flow of the movement

As long as we stay connected and feel each other we can communicate

We give each other room to express ourselves in the dance

Each gesture of the hand or tilt of the head has meaning

You grasp my hips to raise me up over your head like a bird flying in the sky  

I trust you will never let me fall confident in your love

With a gentle descent, I am lowered into a seductive dip

The small of my back resting on your knee for support,

my arms wrapped around your neck

We protect each other … you are safe my darling

My hair is sweeping the floor

As your lean over our eyes are searching into each others soul

Total abandonment we are secure in our final embrace

This is our dance of love.

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Cheryl Besner