Everyone knows what MIA stands for, but now it explains our busy on the go lifestyle – and it’s all due to our “MY INSANE AGENDA”.

I must confess that it’s partial due to this technology-driven era with constant innovating devices that aids us in keeping up, with the fast pace and never-ending schedule.  Also, in navigating through this “MY INSANE AGENDA” we have to assess the task at hand and set goals, identify what is a priority to improve and ensure a smooth transition in completing one’s goals.

But we need to step back and combat our “MY INSANE AGENDA” by making a cap list, where we know that our agenda is too full and we say “my plate is too full and must not runneth over”.

  1. I’m too busy to get something to eat.
  2. I’m going to the office early (2-3hrs).
  3. There is no space on my calendar to add anything else, not even a bathroom break.
  4. When you are glued to your desk and hear and see nothing else “tunnel vision”.

We must approach this not only as a completion of a task but as creating an environment that we can thrive in developing our mind, body and soul at a healthy and functional level.

I will leave you with my weekly inspiration to help you combat your “MY INSANE AGENDA” that you can pin in your notes, to motivate and get you through the week.

The lessons in life to finding your joy…
Life lessons are a path we must all walk, to find who we are and who we want to be. In these lessons, we have to act before it is lost and attain the attainable before it is no longer in our grasp. Make today the day you incorporate what brings you joy in your daily life. Don’t be afraid to fail and live because what is meant to happen will happen. – Cheryl Besner

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