The Power of Kindness!

The Power of Kindness!

Metta the act of loving kindness

In all it’s benevolence can change the world

Simple gestures that seem insignificant to one

The turning point towards hope for others

A smile in the right direction…. a sad person’s low spirits can be lifted

A short visit to a lonely soul …can make their entire week feel special

A helping hand from you can lift and support a fallen spirit in need

Metta the act of loving kindness

A morsel of food for one can be a feast for another  

A simple hug can give someone the strength to move on

A show of compassion can allow someone to be vulnerable, open to accepting  your help

Metta the act of loving kindness

A fresh perspective can shed light onto a dark moment

A listening  ear without judgement can open conversation

A time to retreat can give the time to regenerate

Metta the act of loving kindness

Be kind to the universe

Be kind to your loved ones

Be kind to strangers you meet on your journey

Be kind to yourself

Metta the act of loving kindness

Unleash the power you possess… The power of kindness!

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