The Flight Of Your Life!

The Flight Of Your Life!

I see the cabin door off in the distance

Step by step I am one stride closer to my destiny

The journey may be long but I am ready and I am filled with anticipation fearlessly surrendering to the skies destination unknown…

Taking my seat I buckle up, prepared for taking off

One deep breath releases to the wind

I am on my way to see new sights, the experience will be my teacher

I rise above the clouds that once seemed so far away

I am flying free into the blue sky

The sun is fiercely blazing

Its rays bouncing onto the wings that support my flight

A surge of electric energy pulses into my soul

I am drifting into a quiet slumber as I glide through the air without a care

Suddenly a jolt disturbs my peace

A burst of unexpected air has disturbed my restful state

A moment of awareness that life has its ups and downs

I know I will be safe

I trust in the universe to bring me to my tomorrows

I will land exactly where I am to be

The plane will touch down

The door will open once again

It may not be the final destination

I am at home within me

Wherever I touch down will be home

Right here… Right now… Is the best place to be… The flight of your life.

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Cheryl Besner