The Voice Of My Heart!

The Voice Of My Heart!

My heart  lay nestled in the warmth of my true love of life

Beating with power like a drummer marching with his band

The energy that surrounds my being makes my blood course through my body with electricity

Excitement for the magic that as the universe ignites my desire to live big and bright

My heart has a voice

Let me whisper in your ears all that my heart wants to share  

The voice of my heart cries

Let my heart heal from the pain of the past

Let my heart feel the compassion for those in need

Let my heart help dry the tears of my beloveds

Let my heart be vulnerable

The voice of my heart sings

Let my heart surrender my fears to the wind

Let my heart feel the elements that conjure up my every emotion

Let my heart say what is true to me

Let my heart be free to be me

The voice in my heart declares

My heart will always mend even if broken at times

My heart will be kind to me so I can be kind to others

My heart will be true to me as I am deserving of self-love

My heart will truly love as long as it is beating

What does your heart say?

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Cheryl Besner