Three easy steps to being on the dating A-list

Three easy steps to being on the dating A-list

Cheryl’s “Triple A” crash course getting the committed relationship you want

In order to succeed at relating, dating and mating, here’s Cheryl’s equation that you need to know in order to graduate with an ‘A’ in each subject!


You have to know how to get it.


You have to know how to keep it.


Are your feelings deep enough for this person to want to commit?

Ask yourself these questions:

– Am I having trouble capturing the attention of the object of my heart’s desire enough to start relating?

– Once in dating mode, do I have trouble keeping that person interested in and attracted to me?

– Have I met someone that I want to commit to, and can I let them become the recipient of my affection and commitment?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to either of the first two questions you, need to do more homework!

Why is it when kids struggle in school, parents get them tutors. Yet when it comes to ourselves, we refuse to seek help while struggling with one of life’s most important lessons. Dating, especially later in life, doesn’t come naturally to all. We all need help!

You must study and pass the first two steps above to get closer to earning your Master’s in Affection. Then, writing your thesis will be simple and, who knows, you might even qualify for PhD: Partnership, Heart, Desire!

That’s where Solo in the City can help.

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– The Solo in the City Team


Cheryl Besner

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