Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

However the transportation it’s reaching the final destination that is the most important.

Where do I want to end up sometime in the next 286 days?

The journey so far has been amazing as I learn more about human nature and myself in general. The paths I take keep changing as I discover new avenues for meeting people and getting connected.

Just getting up each day and announcing to myself “today I will make the acquaintance of at least one new person” and putting it out there has opened many new doors of opportunity.


Dinner with a friend at Restaurant Helena in Montreal gave me the opportunity to meet “Mr. Mobile” that had just landed from Chicago. Dating coaches advise “sit at the counter and talk to the person next to you ” CHECK! Mission accomplished! Mr. Mobile as luck would have it was not only a charming dinner conversationalist but also came to the rescue when my car broke down and he arranged to have it boosted… gotta love these old classics! (I am referring to the car not the man!)


On a recent train ride to TO I had the good fortune to meet this lovely gentle soul with a captivating smile, who asked for my card to “check out the site”? 20 minutes after disembarking The Artist sent a text invitation to dinner.


Mr. Car wash was the final unexpected pleasure. While my car was “parked” (getting scrubbed) I was being “cruised”, and subsequently invited for a coffee. This was a first! As I was handed the keys to my clean automobile I handed Mr. C my business card, told him to check out my site and send me a message if he was still interested.

Not all encounters lead to a date but expanding our social network is always a good thing, as you never know who you will meet through whom or where the next stage will take you.

As for planes trains and automobiles… things seem to be speeding up!

Maybe its time to jump on board the LOVE BOAT?

Share your recent connection with me.




Cheryl Besner

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