No Regrets Tattoo

Regrets, should they spell out our life?

Meet Brandon and Nicole Far.


They are newlyweds and they’re celebrating their nuptials in Costa Rica while I am here travelling with my son, waiting to finalize my divorce.  It’s kind of ironic that our lives are at two complete ends of the spectrum, yet we share a philosophy of life. Both Brandon and I believe in the saying:

“We will never regret the things we do, only the things we don’t!”

I believe I am where I am right now in life because of how I lived, choices I made,  and I have no regrets. I believe that I have a “history”, a positive way to look at it, and not “baggage”, which to me is negative.

Brandon has so much conviction and a positive outlook on life that he spelled out the motto in the form of a tattoo for the whole world to see. No Regrets.


I turned regret into an analogue,  spelling out what the word means to me, and forever changing its intention in my mind.


R is Reflection on the history we have
E is Embrace where we are today
G is Growth and our continued learning
R is Rejuvenating and reinventing ourselves
E is Explore and experience all that life gives us
T is Translate all we learned from our past into a more fulfilled tomorrow and better relationship
S is Sharing the positive with someone

I have no regrets.

Do you?




Cheryl Besner

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